Chhaiti Chhath Being Observed In Mithilanchal

The Chhaiti Chhath is being celebrated across Mithilanchan including Mahottari district making the offering to the rising Sun since Friday.

The festival which features worshipping of the rising and setting Sun as a form of God is celebrated for four days in the districts like Mahotttari, Dhanusha, Siraha, Saptari, Sunsari, Morang, Sarlahi, Rautahat, Bara, Parsa among others.    

During this festival, people observe fasting and visit ponds for worshipping the Sun and make the offerings that include specially made delicacies, fruits and agro produces among others    
The festival inspires one and all to have compassionate approach and promote non-violence.

Often women observe the fasting and seek blessings from the Sun God for peace, prosperity, physical wellbeing and longevity. 

Source : RSS,