Chhedagadh Municipality Runs 15-Bed Hospital

Chhedagadh Municipality in the west belt of Jajarkot district has brought a 15-bed hospital into operation.

With the beginning of the hospital, the folks in the west of Jajarkot district are expected to benefit by getting accessible and quality health care services.

Mayor Lal Bahadur Mahatara of Chhedagadh Municipality said that the federal government provided Rs 10 million for the service operation and remaining other fund would be covered from the municipality itself for building construction and its management.

It is said that the services in the hospital would begin soon after establishing all needed infrastructures. Currently, the hospital is providing health care services by hiring doctors and medical officials from the District Hospital.

The hospital will have a medical officer, two nurses and 12 other staff to handle the lab, x-ray and other needed services.

Chhedagadh Municipality has become the first local level to inaugurate the municipal hospital following the government announcement to build hospitals in 396 local levels across the country.

State Minister for Health and Population Nabaraj Rawat said that the government has already prepared to send Rs 150 million for the 15-bed hospital.

State Minister Rawat also shared that the federal government has sent Rs 250 million each to all seven provinces for the construction of infectious diseases control hospitals.

Source : RSS,