Chief Ministers – Chhath Greetings

Bagmati State Chief Minister Dormani Poudel has said the Chhath festival is being developed as a common festival of Nepali folks.

In a message delivered on the occasion today, Chief Minister Poudel said the festival has played crucial role in culturally connecting Terai with hill and mountainous regions.

“I extend my best wishes to all sisters and brothers at home and abroad for their peace, progress and prosperity”, reads the message.

According to Hindu scriptures, there is a tradition of offering worship to the sun as a prime god. All existing religions and traditions have accepted the sun as a biological entity.

The Chhath festival which is celebrated by offering prayers to the sun as a source of light, heat, energy and life has now been developed as a festival of common Nepali people, Poudel stated.

Meanwhile, Sudurpaschim State Chief Minister Trilochan Bhatta has also extended his best wishes on the occasion of the Chhath -2077 – a grand festival of entire Nepali people.

In a message today, he wished all Nepali brothers and sisters at home and abroad for their peace, prosperity and good health.

“I urge all the revelers to celebrate the festival by strictly following the government-enforced health safety protocol in the complex circumstances stemming from coronavirus pandemic”, stated in the message.

Source : RSS,