Children to be inoculated with Pfizer vaccine at schools

As many as 38,000 children within 5-12-year-old are to be inoculated with Pfizer vaccines against COVID-19 in Baitadi.

Preparation for the campaign of inoculation has been taken ahead focusing on the target group in all districts with the Ministry of Health and Population issuing the directive to this effect.

In this connection, Health Office Baitadi Chief Yogesh Prasad Bhatta said the vaccination drive would take place in the district on August 21-25. For the purpose, 548 inoculators and 1,136 volunteers would be mobilized, he shared.

The campaign would run in Melauli municipality along with Sunaiya, Shivanath, Pancheswor, Dilasaini, Signs, and Dogdakedar rural municipalities up to August 24 and in Patan, Purchaudi, and Dasharath municipality up to August 25.

The targeted children would be inoculated with vaccines at schools. Preparation is in full swing for the setup of vaccine centers at schools to that end. (RSS)