China seeks to help Nepal against possible COVID-19 outbreak

  • March 18, 2020

Nepal’s immediate neighbour, China, from where the pandemic coronavirus started has sought to provide Nepal with all the support it needs to fight COVID-19. The Chinese Embassy has even asked for a list of the assistance and help that Nepal government needs.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), China is ready to provide Nepal with all-out support, saying Nepal is under the high-risk of coronavirus transmission and it has impacted Nepal’s economy and lifestyle.

China has taken this step as a policy of increasing aid to some nations.

The government of China has asked if Nepal government needs any energy assistance or a medical team, masks and other medical supplies promising to help anytime.

In addition, the Chinese government has even promised Chinese citizens to be the first tourists in Nepal as soon as the coronavirus pandemic ends. China has also said it would accelerate the ongoing China’s Nepal development projects.

Even though the pandemic outbreak started from China, the country is progressing to contain the outbreak. There is steady decline in the number of new cases in the past weeks of coronavirus and 69,614 have gone home after recovery out of 80,894.

Dr. Galea and colleagues travelled to Wuhan from 20-21 January, just days before the city was subjected to a lockdown.

He highlighted the “high price” paid by Wuhan’s citizens with the lockdown, thus “buying time” for the rest of China and the world.

“But that containment was effective and did allow the rest of China to be able to contain the outbreak in a very effective manner. The shape of the epidemic and the small number of cases that were seen outside Hubei is a testimony to the success and the effectiveness”, he said.