Chinese hackers steal an estimated NRS 15 million, to spend 5 years in jail if convicted

  • September 2, 2019

Nepal police have made public five Chinese hackers arrested for their involvement in hacking into Nepal Electronic Paying System and stealing money from different ATM booths.

Acting on a tip off that a suspected foreign trying to withdraw money from a Nabil Bank ATM booth in Durbar Marg on Saturday night, a team from Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Circle was successful to nab Zhu Lianang, a Chinese national who later named his four counterparts complicit in the hacking and stealing – Lin Jianmeng, Luo Jialei, Zhu Liangang, Qiu-Yunqing and Chen Bin Bin.

Zhu was trying to withdraw cash using cloned debit cards. The arrestees were found in possession of NRS 12.60 million and around $10,000 along with 132 forged VISA debit cards, 17 authentic VISA cards, six mobile phones, a laptop and a data card. Police have confiscated above mentioned properties from them.

According to police investigation, they had landed in the country on Friday with the sole intention of stealing cash whilst the nation is busy observing Teej. They had planned to leave the country on Monday.

If they are convicted of the allegation, they will have to serve up to five years jail terms as well as a fine equivalent to the stolen amount.