CK Raut enters mainstream politics with ‘Janamat Party’

Source: Dr. CK Raut’s Facebook page

Lahan, March 18, 2019 (RSS)

The meeting of the Independent Madhes Alliance led by CK Raut has decided to form a party named ‘Janamat Party’. The Alliance met for the first time in Lahan on Monday after it reached an 11-point agreement with the government.
The two-day national council meeting decided on the name while also forming a 25-member central committee, according to a statement issued by the party’s central member Abdul Khan.

CK Raut was chosen to lead the party as well. A decision was also taken on the party’s flag and election symbol and would be applied for registration at the Election Commission.
The meeting also formed a three-member agreement enforcement committee led by Chandan Singh to take the initiative to withdraw cases against the party leaders and cadres, as per the agreement with the government. The statement also states that the party will now go to the people to collect their mandate, and continue to struggle for the rights and demands of the people constitutionally.