Clarification Sought From 46 Political Parties Not Submitting Audit Report

The Election Commission has sought clarification from the political parties failing to submit their audit report for three fiscal years.

The EC urged 46 political parties to submit their clarification on why they were not following the EC appeal to this effect. The political parties are Rastriya Trimul Bahujan Samajvadi Party, Nepali Greens Party, Rastriya Jan Ekta Party, Matribhumi Nepal party, Akhanda Nepal Party, Hamro Nepal Party, Rastriya Chure Bhawar Party among others.

As per the constitution and political party act, political parties should maintain transparency in their audit report and should share it with the election commission.

The EC has the power to impose up to Rs 50,000 penalty on parties continuously failing to submit audit report for three years.