Climate Kachahari To Sensitize People On Climate Change Risks

A climate change town hall meeting (Kachahari) organized at Sarkegad rural municipality of Humla to educate the public on climate change issues recently concluded.

The event was conducted as part of a climate change adaptation project to improve productive and Inclusive development practices in Mountainous region.

The climate change town hall meeting (Kachahari) was held at Sarkegad-8, Rahadev village with the financial assistance of CISU, technical support of Mission East, facilitation of KIRDAC Nepal and Women Welfare Service and coordination of the ward office.

The climate change sensitization events are focused in the areas which are more vulnerable to natural disaster such as landslide.

Due to climate change effects, snowfall and rainfall have become irregular in Humla of late.

At the programme, the participants were sensitized on the occurrence of natural disaster including drought, flood and unfavourbale weather, shared community facilitator of KIRDAC Nepal, Pabitra Devkota.

Though climate change has all-pervasive effects the first and foremost vulnerable are children, it was shared at the programme.

Climate change does not only bring physical and mental effects among the children but its impacts are long-term. So, the children and vulnerable families and communities should be cautiously paid attention to protect them from climate risks.

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