CM Pokhrel Resigns, Resignation Approved

Chief Minister of Lumbini Province, Shankar Pokhrel, has resigned from his post.

Chief Minister Pokharel tendered his resignation before Province Chief Dharmanath Prasad Yadav today as per Article 161 (19) (A) of the Constitution of Nepal and Province Chief Yadav approved the resignation, reads a press release issued by Spokesperson at the Office of the Province Chief, Chiranjivi Poudel.

Similarly, the incumbent Council of Ministers is assigned to carry out the tasks of the Council of Ministers until further notice as per the constitution.
Chief Whip of the party in Province Assembly, Bhumishwor Dhakal, said that the CPN (UML) would move ahead with a claim of formation of its single government soon after the approval of the resignation of CM Pokharel.

Province Assembly members from CPN (Maoist Centre) and Nepali Congress had filed a no-confidence motion against Chief Minister Pokhrel a few days ago. He had reshuffled the cabinet after inducting four members of the Janata Samajwadi Party in the cabinet on the same day.

A programme was scheduled to hold a discussion on the no-confidence motion filed against CM Pokharel at the provincial assembly today and voting on Monday.

A meeting of Lumbini provincial assembly is taking place at 1:00 pm today.

Source : RSS,