CNI requests ambassador to attract Australian investors to Nepal

The Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) has urged the Australian Ambassador to Nepal, Felicity Volk, to facilitate the attraction of Australian investors to invest in the field of comparative advantage of Nepal.

The Confederation urged to take initiatives to attract Australian investors in Nepal as there is potential for high returns on businesses related to green energy, mines and mineral industries, information technology and agro-processing.

The CNI has also urged Ambassador Volk to take the initiative to attract quality tourists to Nepal.

Speaking on the occasion, CNI President Vishnu Kumar Agrawal said that there was a lack of investment in Nepal to increase production and foreign investment was needed for that.

“There are investment opportunities in health and education in Nepal,” he said. He said that in order to further strengthen the friendly relations between Nepal and Australia, attention should be focused on the identification and initiatives of business sectors institutionally. Ambassador Volk said that she would take initiative to expand cooperation and collaboration in Nepal.

She said that Australian investors were working on projects in neighboring countries and would take initiative to expand such programnes in Nepal in the future.

The sectoral experts present at the discussion emphasised on the expansion of quality education in Nepal, including technology transfer, opportunities in hydropower development and the presence of Australian universities in Nepal.

They also stressed on the need for policy facilitation to get the vocational training conducted in Nepal recognised in Australia as well.

Source : TRN,