Cold-Related Illness Increases In Dadeldhura


An increasing number of people are suffering from cold-related illness in Dadeldhura with a dip in temperature.

The number of pneumonia, common cold, fever and asthma patients has increased here as winter begins.

The Dadeldhura Hospital said these days over 70-80 such patients visit the hospital daily and this number was 30-40 before winter.

“As cold arrives, we see a more number of patients experiencing cold-borne health issues,” said Hospital’s information officer Tanka Prasad Panta. Children and the aged people are the most affected.

Dadeldhura, a hilly district in Sudur Paschim Province has been witnessing cold since the third week of November.

As Panta said during this season, people should be extra careful so that they could be prevented from catching the illness.

Children, aged people and people with underlying health conditions need special protection. Amargadhi municipality health section chief Ganesh Bahadur Bista prescribes wearing warm clothes and abundant hot fluid intake which as he said helps beat the virus. “Virus becomes active during winter.”

He also cautioned people to ensure smooth air flow in the room while using heater or firewood to keep the room warm.

“Our room should have its door and windows open or it should have a good ventilation system. Otherwise, hypoxia may cost our lives.”

Drinking of boiled water and keeping the household/community surroundings clean help us stay safe from several sorts of diseases, he advised.

Medical workers say the coronavirus that poses a global health threat at present remains more active during cold and the special protection is required to stay safe.

They suggest that anyone should seek medical help in case of prolonged flu or emergence of other health complications.

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