Collective efforts required for labour rights implementation, Speaker Sapkota says

Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota has called upon the collective efforts of working class community for the practical implementation of the labour rights mentioned in the constitution.
In a message today on the occasion of 133rd International Labour Day, Speaker Sapkota has shared his readiness to ensure opportunities to the labourers by linking agriculture to labour and education to production.
In his message, Speaker Sapkota has recalled the contributions and sacrifices made by labourers for the cause of progressive transformation of the Nepali society.
Saying that hundreds of thousands of workers are rendered jobless at home and foreign migrant workers are forced to return home for losing jobs in the countries of destination due to the impacts of the COVID pandemic in the past two years, Speaker Sapkota has hoped that such trend would come to an end soon.
The rights of the working class people and labourers have been included in the Constitution of Nepal by recognising the special contributions of the working class people, according to Sapkota.