Committee formed to suggest ways for addressing Singha Durbar Vaidya Khana issues

A six-member committee has been formed to advise solutions for a long-standing issue in the Singha Durbar Vaidya Khana Vikas Samiti (Development Committee).

The panel coordinated by its Samiti employee officer Rhishiraj Regmi comprises Satish Poudel, Rundhata Kumari Kharel, Dr. Binod Shah, Dr. Haridev Prasad Yadav, and Ram Prabesh Yadav Jaysawal as its members, according to committee officiating executive director Dr. Shyam Babu Yadav.

Drug manufacturing from the Samiti has almost remained suspended and the Ministry of Health and Population on Monday appointed Yadav as its officiating executive director.
The employees were unpaid for the past four months due to the closure of the committee business.

With the appointment of Yadav, the production of Trifala resumed from Friday. The employees got their remunerations on Sunday after a break of four months.
The newly formed body is mandated to present its report by mid-July, it is said.

The state entity was established as the Ayurvedic manufacturer and supplier, and the ancient Singha Durbar Vaidya Khana was reformed as Singha Durbar Vaidya Khana Vikas Samiti in 2051 B.S. (RSS)