Committee Plans To Restore Water Supply From Melamchi By Mid-April Next Year

The Melamchi Drinking Water Development Committee, has worked out a plan to find access to the water project site so as to restore damaged structures.

The project had suffered significant damages from the June 15 devastating flood in the Melamchi River. The Committee has set a plan to (re)open the approach road in coordination with the Department of Roads, Nepali Army and the local governments to repair damaged structures and restore the water supply by mid-April 2022.

The details of losses in the project caused by the flood followed by subsequent floods the next month are yet to be assessed. As the Committee said, the loss assessment could not be done yet it has not been possible to reach the project site physically.

The project structures get covered under the flood sediments and the loss could be estimated once they became visible according to Committee information officer Rajendra Prasad Panta.

The project headwork remains buried under 10-15 meters of the flood sediments. The time to restore the project could be tentatively estimated once the loss is assessed, it is said.

Information Officer Pant, said that they were thinking of alternative water diversion, as it was not possible to divert water from the headwork immediately.

The access route to Ambathan of Helambu and headwork are likely to be affected the most by the floods. The Committee is discussing whether to rebuild the existing access road or find an alternative one and decision will be taken in consultation with the experts concerned, it is said.

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