Conduct Training In Integrated Manner: Finance Minister

Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has directed to make policy preparations to conduct training programmes in an integrated manner.
“Programmes of the same nature are being carried out by many government bodies. In this way, the work is not effective. Prepare to centralise them,” he said at a programme organised at the Ministry of Finance Sunday.
“There is a problem of giving the same training to the same person every year. It should be stopped,” he said.

He stressed on the need to conduct training for trainees to make them self-employed or get employment.
“The tree planting and training which we have been doing has been very similar, not very result oriented. Now, policies and programmes should be formulated to rectify this,” he said, and stressed on the need to prioritise the marginalised communities while integrating skill-based training.

The discussion held at the ministry has concluded that it will be effective to conduct skill and employment oriented programmes being implemented in different ways through different ministries and agencies in an integrated manner.
High-ranking officials of the concerned ministries and agencies, including the National Planning Commission, stressed on the need to conduct the training programmes in an integrated manner.
It has been concluded that the skill-based and employment-oriented training conducted by the Ministries of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Education, Agriculture and Livestock Development, Cooperatives, Youth and Sports and their subordinate bodies should be integrated thematically and conducted through a one-door system.

Speaking on the occasion, Member Secretary of the National Planning Commission Kewal Prasad Bhandari said that the proposal to conduct skill-based training through one-door system was necessary and relevant.
He expressed his view that all the training related to the labour sector should be conducted through the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security and all kinds of training related to the academic sector should be conducted through the Ministry of Education.

He said that an integrated curriculum should be implemented across the country while conducting the training and arrangements should be made to provide certificates of integrated format to all after the completion of the training.

Finance Secretary Madhu Kumar Marasini urged the concerned ministries and agencies to prepare for the issue of conducting training through integrated system in the replacement bill as much as possible.
He said that it would be cost effective to run the programme through an integrated system.

Source : TRN,