Congestion in Mt. Everest kills climbers

Source: Nimsdai @nimsdai

25 May 2019

“Traffic jam” on the trails of Mount Everest, locally known as Sagarmatha, has killed seven climbers in this single week. Among the seven includes three Indian and one Irish climbers.

The government and expedition authorities claimed earlier this week that the over crowding would not be an issue for the climbers

However, the deaths of climbers have been attributed to exhaustion due to long queue while ascending and descending the summit.

On Wednesday more than 200 climbers ascended the summit setting a record of the maximum number of climbers making to the top in a single day with 24-hour weather window.

“Traffic Jam” occurs when many climbers try to ascend or descend the summit at the same time with the help of single rope. The climbers get exhausted when they have to wait for several hours for their turn. The situation gets dangerous above 8,000 metre increasing the risk of running out of oxygen.

The death of climbers has revealed the seriousness of the congestion in the Everest.