Congress should be proud of Deuba leadership: Communication Minister Karki

Central member of the Nepali Congress and minister for Communications and Information Technology, Gyanendra Bahadur Karki has said that everyone should be proud under the leadership of party Chairman Sher Bahadur Deuba.

Addressing an ongoing meeting of the party’s Central Working Committee in the party Central Office at the Sanepa on Wednesday, he said: ‘We have a situation where we have to be proud of our Chairman. With fewer seats, we are not just governments, we have managed to become a big party in the country from local elections. Congress is today in the centre, province and villages. ’’

He made it clear that the coalition’s continuity was essential to give the country a political stability, saying it had problems because it was a coalition government, that it had no choice but to address them. For this, internal unity within the party must be maintained. Karki said ”there were news of millions of corruption in previous time, but good governance is now in place in the country.”

Leader Karki said that the results of the local level have changed the psychology of the Nepali people because of the leadership of prime minister and Chairman Deuba.

“Country is not in a position to be Sri Lanka”

Minister Karki, who is also the Spokesperson of the government, has said that the country is not in a position to resemble Sri Lanka.

“There are some problems but, in a planned manner, we are not in a position to be Sri Lanka.” minister Karki said.

He said US funding was having a positive impact on foreign aid and funding after the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) project was passed from the House.

“There are no problems in economy, we are going to move those problems towards a strong economy, there is a panic in Sri Lanka,” he said, adding that the prime minister’s international credibility, investment policy remains positive. ”

He said that the impact of the war between Russia and Ukraine was spreading around the world and prices were rising in countries including the US and Japan. He said that a new government would be formed after the upcoming HoR and Provincial Assembly elections, and then Nepal should be headed for development and prosperity.

“The situation of country a year back of today was in confusion and uncertainty. The state mechanism was collapsed, parliament was dissolved, that was in a state of disunity. The politics of the country have come on the right track then. Democracy and the Constitution were defended at the previous time,” he said.

Minister Karki also noted that the role played by the media has also increased consciousness in the public.

Source : TRN,