Construction of 1.8km road in limbo for four years

How long do you think it takes to build 1800 metre of road? Six months, one year or two years? But, the road is still incomplete, four years after the construction began.

The construction of the four lane road from Area Police Office, Dhanuli to Ward No. 1 market in Khajura Rural Municipality, Banke, is still unfinished.

Gajurmukhi Niraman Company Ilam was awarded the contract to complete the project at a cost of Rs. 214,900,000 in April 2017 by the federal government of the day.

The company had made a commitment in written to complete the project within 30 months after signing of the contract. But, since they cited the coronavirus pandemic as a reason for failing to complete the work in time, the government extended the deadline by six months.

Yet again six months was added to the deadline, but the project did not complete. Satish Niraula, a local, said the project is still in limbo even after months of protests by the locals demanding its completion in time.

According to Division Road Office (DRO) Nepalgunj, the construction company has attributed its failing in completing the project to the pandemic and bad weather.

A few months ago, surface tracing was done after putting ballast as the locals obstructed the Nepalgunj Gulariya road, saying that they could not stay in the houses and shops of Khajura market due to dust. But the pitch peeled off two weeks later. The locals of Khajura are frustrated due to the dust as the road is not black topped. They have even informed the DRO, questioning the quality of the road.

The newly elected ward chairman of Khajura Municipality, Dambar BK ‘Tufaan’, said that they would make the construction company finish the construction after learning the reasons for the delay.

He said that the road issue will be concluded within a few days.

Source : TRN,