Construction Of A Suspension Bridge Shortens Walking Distance

Construction of a suspension bridge over the Ghopte rivulet in Raghuganga rural municipality-6, Pakhapani of Myagdi district has shortened a walking distance of an hour to 20 minutes.

The construction of a 265-meter-long suspension bridge over the rivulet flowing through Kamanath of Pakhapani and border of Kotgaun has cut short the travel time. The Infrastructure Development Office Myagdi built the bridge.

Roshan Pun, a local of Kotgaun, said the new construction has removed people’s compulsion to travel through the risky route of cliffs, forest and gorge with many turns and twists. “It took one hour on foot to reach to Kamanath from Kotgaun”, he said, adding, “Now we can reach in 20 minutes after the bridge in operations”.

As many as 500 households of Kamanath, Kotgaun, Rayakhor and Mulpani have been benefitted from the construction of the bridge. The suspension bridge was built at the cost of over Rs 26.2 million.

This is so far the second longest suspension bridge of Myagdi. Earlier, the 365-meter-long bridge linking Rachuganga-1, Beg and Baduk was constructed.

Meanwhile, a suspension bridge has been built over the Myagdi river at Luliyaghat. Around 90 meters in length, the bridge was constructed at the cost of over Rs 2.9 million.

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