Construction Of Delayed Karnali Corridor Continues

The work from Kharpu section of Humla of Karnali Corridor to Bokche Goida area of Sunakhada section has been resumed.
The road construction work, which was halted after the locals expressed their dissatisfaction over the discussion initiated by the Hilsa-Simkot Road Project in the presence of rural municipality and local administration, has resumed.
Chief District Officer Ganesh Acharya, who took the initiative to resolve the dispute, said that the construction work of the road was resumed after the locals agreed. There was a dispute among the residents of Ward No. 1 and 2 of Kharpunath Rural Municipality regarding the construction of the road.
Residents of Kharpunath Rural Municipality Ward No. 1 had obstructed the construction work saying that the construction was not as per the previous survey. The construction now covers the Kharpunath settlements which was not in the previous survey.
According to Acharya, the construction work is resumed after the discussion between the Rural Municipality, project administration and the locals of both the wards.
According to project chief Bisundas Lama, the construction of the road has increased by three kilometres as per the demand of the residents of Ward No. 1 and the cost has also gone up now.
The demand of the residents of Ward No. 2 was that the work should be done as per the survey. Currently, a road is being constructed from the Infrastructure Development Office to connect five settlements of Ward No. 1.