Construction Of Head Works Of Melamchi Water Supply Project Expedited

A target has been set to complete head works under the Melamchi Water Supply Project within two months.

Though the head works had to be completed within December 2020, it was delayed due to coronavirus pandemic. Information Officer of the Project, Rajendra Prasad Panta, said that they failed to complete the works on the slated time due to disruption of works following COVID-19.

He shared that the head works would be completed within mid-April as the works are being carried out in an expedited manner.

Panta further said that some works related to electricity as well as others are yet to be completed, adding the construction of head works delayed in lack of sufficient number of human resources and materials for the same from April 2020.

Locals had stopped the movement of goods-carrying vehicles saying coronavirus infection might spread.

Though the construction works were not completely halted, it was slow during the period, he said.

Construction of tunnel has now been completed under the project started two decades ago. The government on Asoj, 2075 had signed contract agreement to complete the remaining works after the Italian Construction Company – CMC – left the project unattended. Two water treatment centres have already been constructed in Sundarijal under the project.

The Project is designed to divert about 170 MLD of fresh water to Kathmandu Valley from the Melamchi River in Sindhupalchowk district. Augmenting this supply by adding about a further 170 MLD each from the Yangri and Larke rivers, which lie in the upstream proximity of Melamchi are also being investigated as future supply sources.

Ministry of Physical Planning and Works (MPPW) is the executing agency for the Project and an autonomous Melamchi Water Supply Development Board, formulated for Project implementation, is the implementing agency.

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