Construction Of International Convention Centre 70 Per Cent Complete

Seventy per cent of construction of an international convention centre with seating capacity for three thousand people has been completed.The facility is being constructed at Godavari Municipality-3. The Department of Urban Development and Building Construction under the Ministry of Urban Development is constructing the international centre.

The Department and the KC-Samanantar JV have signed agreement for construction of the convention centre in November last year.As per the agreement, the construction should have been completed as of April but the project could not be completed on time due to various reasons, one of them being unfavourable weather, JV project manager Mahesh Bhatta said.

“It took us two months to cut trees at the construction site and it rained most of the time after that, preventing works. Actually, we had planned to work in the morning and evening but for the rain,” Bhatta said.According to Bhatta, the works on the project were also hampered due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Works could not be carried out from April to mid-august due to the risk of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Previously 200 workers used to work in the project and this number has decreased to only 80 at present. Bhatta added that 70 per cent of the construction of the convention centre has been completed till date.The remaining works include construction of a compound wall, plaster works, colouring, installation of AC and other structures.

“Although the government has directed the construction company to complete all the works by November after extending the construction deadline by six months considering the pandemic, we will be able to complete the works only by January 2021,” JV’s project manager Bhatta said.It is said the goods including furniture for the convention centre have not arrived yet.

Only 1,825 chairs are said to have arrived while the remaining goods and equipment are stuck at the border transit.Moreover, skilled workers have to be brought from India for installing various equipments and air conditioners.

The convention centre is spread in an area of 60 thousand square feet. It will be a three-storied building. The estimated cost of the convention centre is Rs 658 million 165 thousand 459.

Source: RSS,