Construction Of Ligligkot Museum Has Not Started In Four Years

Work on the historic museum to be built in Ligligkot in Gorkha has not started yet. It was announced by the Ministry of Social Development of Gandaki Province that a historical museum would be set up there. But so far no work other than designing has been able to move forward.

“We have some land problems as almost all the Guthi lands are located around Ligligkot,” said an engineer at Palungtat Municipality, adding, “The work didn’t move forward due to the negligence of the staff of the ministry.”
Thoughts on the construction of the museum started with the formation of the Gandaki Province government and a Rs. 10 million budget was allocated in the Fiscal Year 2017/18. Since then, the budget has been allocated annually but so far only about Rs. 1 million has been spent, according to the ministry.

“They have been allocating budgets continuously for three or four years but have not paid attention to constructing it. The budget has been cut due to the inability to work. And only Rs. 4.5 million has been allocated in the current fiscal year,” Kandel said.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Social Development of Gandaki claimed that the construction of the museum could not proceed as the municipality did not provide the land.
A ministry source stated: “First we have to acquire the land for the work to start. And once that happens, the required amount will be available according to the estimate.” The budget has now been reduced due to lack of work, the Ministry source explained.

Ward Chairman Loknath Wagle informed that most of the land around Ligligkot was owned by Guthi and some people could not buy it as the land was very expensive. “We have tried very hard to find land. Private land could not be purchased,” he said
But now preparations are being made to build a museum on government land. The municipality has already decided to build a museum on the land of Drabya Shah Basic Primary School at the foot of Ligligkot. The school has now been merged because of a low number of students.

“From last year’s municipal council, we have decided to give the school land for the construction of a museum,” he said. But the Ministry did not try to build it even after they got the land.
In 1615 BS, Dravya Shah, the youngest son of King Yashobram Shah of Lamjung, became the king. Historians say that after Dravya Shah took over the kingdom at Ligligkot, which was unstable because of frequent change of king, the Gurkha kingdom was established by attacking the surrounding brown Takure kingdoms.

Historians said that Prithvi Narayan Shah, the son of Narabhupal and Kaushalyavati Shah, then advanced the unification of what is present-day Nepal and his descendants completed it. The remains of a palace built about 500 years ago in the present Palungtar Municipality Ward No. 2 are awaiting renovation.
A museum is being built in the area to incorporate Nepal and local art and culture. Recently, the number of tourists in Ligligkot has also increased. It has been said that the museum will be constructed targeting the tourists who come there for educational and observation tours.
The museum is believed to preserve the history and local art culture of the Drabya Shah period.

Source : TRN,