Construction Of Tanahun Hydropower In Full Swing (Photo Feature)

The construction works of the Tanahun Hydropower Project are going on in full swing even during the Dashain.

According to the Project, the workers have been deployed despite the holidays for the construction of the tunnel and transmission line.

Achyut Babu Ghimire, project chief, said, “A total of 160 Nepali and 55 Chinese technicians are currently deployed by the Chinese Sino Hydro Company for the construction of the tunnel under package-2 of the project.”

He added that 75 workers were on the field for the construction of the transmission line.

Even the prohibitory order imposed from May due to the COVID-19 pandemic had not stopped the construction of Tanahun Hydel Project. The workers were deployed on the construction site by ensuring that all the health and safety standards were followed.

The project, once completed, is expected to produce 140 MW of electricity. The government has prioritised the completion of the project as it would reduce the shortage of electricity during the winter season.

“The completion of the project has been prioritised as it would end the trend of importing electricity from India during the winter season,” said chief Ghimire.


Source : TRN, Photo : TRN,