Construction Work Of Solu Corridor Not Completed Even In Five Years

As the construction work of Solu corridor 132 KV transmission line was not completed in time, the officials are working to extend its deadline for the sixth time.

The project was started in September 2016 planning to complete the construction works within 30 months but the deadline was extended for fifth time expecting to finish the entire works by May 2021.

Project Chief Janardan Gautam shared that the deadline is likely to be extended for three months.

According to Gautam, locals’ obstruction in the construction works is to blame for delay in the project completion though 132 KV transmission line is being developed to export the power generated in the district.

It is said that only the foundation work of 292 towers is completed so far though 302 towers are to be constructed from Mirchaiya of Siraha to Tingla of Solukhumbu.

Gautam shared that locals in Maruwa of Udayapur district have obstructed the construction works in the sites for developing 10 other towers.

Source : RSS,