Consumer Rights Activists Object To Govt. Plan To Allow Private Sector In Salt Trade

The government has announced to encourage the private sector in the production and supply of iodized salt.

In the budget of the FY 2021/22, the finance minister announced that private sector will be allowed in the salt trading to improve the quality and price.

Only the Salt Trading Corporation has been authorized for import and supply of the iodised salt till the date.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Director of the STC, Kumar Rajbhandari, stated that such a decision could increase the price of salt as that of sugar. Price of sugar is rising. 

The Consumer Right activists have objected to the government announcement to hand over responsibility of supply of salt to the private sector.

They believe that the government is working for the interest of a handful of merchants.

Rather, they asserted that the government should widen the onus of the STC to improve management of the supply and distribution system.

President of the Consumer Right Investigation Forum, Madhav Timilsina, said that there is no need to find alternative of the company. He said there is no problem in quality and price of the salt therefore private sector is not needed.  

Consumer Right activist Bimala Khanal urged the government to revoke the decision. She said that quality and price of salt had not been compromised even during earthquake and Prohibitionary Period.