COVID-19: 3 new cases confirmed in Birgunj

Three Indian nationals residing in Birgunj of Parsa district have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.

An official confirmation about the new cases by the government, however, has yet to be announced. Nonetheless, high-level officials from the Social Development Ministry of Bagmati Province as well as sources from the Teku-based lab confirmed the report, according to a national daily.

Their swab samples were sent to Teku for a second test after a lab test conducted in Hetauda came back positive. They have been kept in isolation at Narayani Zonal Hospital. Swab samples were collected from a total of 35 people, including 24 Indian nationals, in Birgunj and sent for test. Among them, three Indian nationals tested positive.

They had been taking shelter at a local masjid since the past 13 days after their return train ticket to India was cancelled due to the lockdown.

“On Friday, they had visited Narayani Hospital for screening on their own on Friday”, as per reports. 

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health is preparing to make the announcement regarding the new cases.