COVID-19 Fallout: Staging Of Ramleela Play Halted After 153 Years

The Ramleela is not to be staged in Nepalgunj this year due to the risk of spread of coronavirus infection.The play based on the life of Hindu god Ram is staged on the occasion of the Bijaya Dashami festival every year at the local Ramleela ground.

But the play, which has been continued for 152 years regularly, is not going to be staged this time over fear of coronavirus, said Santosh Kumar Kanaudiya, president of Ramleela Organising Committee.The staging of the Ramleela play is the historical and cultural heritage of Nepalgunj.

According to him, a decision has been taken not to stage the play this time in view of the risk of coronavirus pandemic and health safety.Although the mythical drama is not going to be staged, a symbolic worship would be organised at the Ramleela ground.    
Ramleela play is staged for 10 days from the day of Ghatasthapana till Bijaya Dashami in a grand manner.

Artists from Nepal and India play the role of various characters in the Ramayana, the story related to the life of Ram.People from Nepalgunj and surrounding areas and even from the neighbouring places of India used to throng at Ramleela ground to watch the play. It had become an identity of Nepalgunj in the country and in India as well.

The artistes from Brindavan of India also played the role of various characters.The staging of the Ramleela had been contributing to strengthen mutual unity and brotherhood as well as giving religious and cultural message in the community.  

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,