COVID-19: Nepal allows parents/guardians to send funds to children studying abroad

A high level ministerial meeting has decided to allow parents/guardians to send funds to students studying abroad. Nepal Rastra Bank is expected to make necessary arrangements for the same. Earlier, parents/guardians had to seek a No Objection Letter from the Education Ministry to send funds abroad – the new decision has temporarily banned the requirement of the NOC.

“The government is aware of the difficulties faced by international students. We also request them to stay safe wherever they are and only return to Nepal after the situation normalises”, a government representative said.

Thousands of international students, scattered across different continents have been affected owing to ongoing health crisis attributed to COVID-19. International students in Australia, US, UK have lost their part-time jobs, and are reeling under a deep financial crisis as they are unable to meet their living expenses. The provision to allow parents/guardians to send money to international citizens provides immediate relief.

However, another concern is also the economic impact felt by the parents/guardains during the crisis. Nepal, which has been under lock down since 24th March, 2020 is under an economic stress of its own – businesses have been shuttered, raising concerns of the ability of the guardians/parents to provide financial assistance for a prolonged amount of time.

Meanwhile, as Nepal’s international borders are closed to the entire world, students are also unable to return home – therefore stranded and on their own.