COVID-19: Which emergency services will open in Nepal?

  • March 21, 2020

Here are a list of serrvice sector business that will continue operations uninterrupted:

  1. Post Office, Telegram and Telephone Services
  2. Water, Land, and Air Transport services which ferry passengers and/or goods. (Note: In a separate instruction: vehicles plying along long routes have been instructed to stop services from Monday onward; International flights are to be halted from 22nd March to 31st March)
  3. Operation and maintanence of airlines and airport, or services related to the same.
  4. Airport cargo services, Railway stations and government godowns.
  5. Print and government printing services.
  6. Services pertaining to handling, distribution of arms, weapons and other military goods which ensure national security.
  7. Communication services
  8. Internal security offices
  9. Department of Drinking Water and services
  10. Tourism establishments, motels, hotels, restaurants and resorts
  11. Transport and distribution of petroleum products (including LPG)
  12. Hospital and Health Care Facilities and other services pertaining to the same (like ambulances)
  13. Medicine production, distribution, and sale outlets.
  14. Collection of household and commercial waste, transport, treatment, disposal, infrastructure for waste disposal, and management of the same)
  15. Banking Services
  16. Insurance Services
  17. Electricity Services
  18. Services related to Daily essentials goods services (grocery items) such as transport, distribution and retail.
  19. Weather investigation and information.