CPN (Maoist Center) decides to forge national consensus on President’s election

CPN (Maoist Center), the main ruling party, has decided to take initiatives for forging a national consensus on electing the President, the head of the state.

A meeting of the Standing Committee (SC) of the party held today at the party headquarters in Paris Danda took a decision to this effect, according to Krishna Bahadur Mahara, the party vice-chairman.

Mahara said the decision was taken as many SC members viewed for electing the President by striking a national consensus among the political parties.

“Most comrades voiced for forging a national consensus on issues relating to the election of the President. Where can be national consensus? Our policy is to seek for it. Can there be such a consensus? We have to wait for it,” said leader Mahara.

The MC vice-chairman said that the national consensus would be forged along with the CPN (UML), a main ally in the ruling coalition.

Source : TRN,