CPN (UML) Disrupts Parliament Meeting

The CPN (UML) disrupted the meeting of the House of Representatives today, forcing Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota to defer the meeting for 15 minutes.

At the beginning of the meeting, UML chief whip Bishal Bhattarai said that the UML would not allow the session’s meeting to move forward until the Speaker responds as to why he did not issue notice about the 14 lawmakers that the UML had taken action and removed them as member of the HoR.

In response, Speaker Sapkota urged the UML lawmakers who were chanting slogans against the Speaker to read again section B and C of Rule 21 of Parliament Regulation 2075 BS. He urged them to not go beyond the grace and norms of the parliament.

The meeting that started at 4 pm was postponed for 15 minutes. Even the second meeting that started at 5 pm was also disrupted as the UML lawmakers kept sloganeering and the meeting was again postponed for another 15 minutes.

Source : TRN,