Cross-Border Movement Raises Risk Of COVID Infection

At a time when there is a risk of third wave of COVID-19 infection, the number of people going across the border to Rupaidiya for shopping is increasing day by day.
Health experts have warned that people going across the border could be the carrier of coronavirus infection.

India is again witnessing rise in COVID-19 cases. Hundreds of people are visiting India for shopping, said Krishna Prasad Shrestha, chairman of Citizen Welfare Society, Banke.
Rupadiya market is a regular marketplace for most of the Nepalis here. They buy necessary stuff and get back.

“We are asking the local authorities for imposing strict prohibition to curb the transmission of virus in the border areas,” said Shrestha.

The number of people crossing the border for shopping had reduced during the second wave of infection, but now many people cross the border to buy necessary stuffs on a daily basis, he added.

“If people do back and forth at the border area, then it is likely to turn costly for the prevention and control of the possible spread of the coronavirus,” warned Dr. Prakash Thapa, chief at Bheri Hospital.

The poor handling of people’s movement at the border area has triggered a fear of COVID-19 infection. The less the movement of people, the easier to adopt the safety precautions, said Dr. Thapa.
The movement of people has increased risk in spread of the virus, said Abdul Wahim Mansuri, Chairman of Chamber of Commerce, Nepalgunj.

The authority must impose strict measures to control the movement of people across the border, he added.
Banke is always a hotspot for COVID-19 as people cross the border for daily necessities, said Mansuri.

Source : TRN,