Crusher And Sand Processing Industries Found Operated Against Criteria

Most of the crusher and sand processing industries being operated in Makawanpur district under the Bagmati Province have been found against the stipulated criteria and standards.

According to the District Administration Office, most of the industries have breached the government-stipulated standards in operation.

There are 32 crusher industries and 70 sand processing industries in the district. Though the industries are found registered in one or another government agency, they have not met the present criteria and standards, shared Chief District Officer Govinda Rijal.

He further said that the district administration would impose ban on the operation of crusher and sand processing industries which are found running against the earlier stipulated objectives.

It is found that 11 crusher industries and 14 sand processing industries have not renewed their registration within the time. Likewise, eight crusher industries and 18 sand processing industries are found not having paid tax of the fiscal year 2076/77 on time.

No crusher industry is found meeting the criteria and standards as per the ‘River-based Products Extraction and Consumption Work Procedure’ endorsed by the Bagmati province government on 16 October 2018.

The procedure has stated that the crusher and sand processing industries should be run at the distance of over 300 meters from the river banks; 100 meters away from the high tension line; 300 meters away from the highway and a kilometer away from the educational institutions, health facilities, religious institutions and security posts.

Likewise, according to the work procedure, such industries should be run at least two-km away from the national park and wildlife reserve as well as dense human settlement, and a kilometer far from the forest area and 500 meters away from cemented bridge.

All the crusher industries and sand processing industries operated in Makawanpur district are found not meeting the standards in the grid of the work procedure.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,