Damauli Hospital provides 24-hour services

Damauli Hospital in Tanahun district has started providing 24-hour medical services. The hospital has introduced the new service since January 15.

Devendra Thapa, chairman of Damauli Hospital Development Committee, said that the services have been started to end the compulsion of the patients to go to the private labs outside the hospital. The patients were compelled to pay expensive fees when they arrived in the hospital at night.

He informed that the committee has extended all the services round the clock by managing the required staff. Earlier, only emergency services were in operation for 24 hours a day, and other services were operated only from 7 am to 7 pm.

In the absence of services other than pharmacy for 24 hours a day, patients coming at night had to go out to get lab and X-ray services. The ticket counter has also been kept open round the clock, said Thapa.

“We have operated the 24-hour service in view of providing services depending on the health condition of the patients admitted to the hospital,” said Thapa. The hospital has started improving its services. The hospital has now expanded its specialist services. According to the committee, the services are provided by dermatologists, paediatricians, general physicians, medical officers and orthopaedic specialists every day.

Source : TRN,