Damauli Woman Earns Rs. 700,000 A Year By Selling Milk

Debu Khadka of Sehara in Byans Municipality-11 used to feel embarrassed when she had to ask her husband for money even for small expenses. But now she has become a successful entrepreneur in the town.
Debu, who started rearing buffaloes commercially three years ago, has started earning a handsome income by selling milk.
She informed that she has started rearing buffaloes commercially thinking that women should become self-reliant and not waste their time.
She said that she decided to rear buffaloes commercially after she was able to manage her household expenses by selling milk produced from three buffaloes.
Debu saves Rs. 700,000 annually from selling milk. She currently has nine buffaloes in her shed. Out of them, seven are lactating.
She said that she sells milk worth Rs. 160,000 on a monthly basis and makes a profit of Rs. 60,000. She informed that she had begun the business by investing Rs. 1.5 million.
“I am increasing the investment, and I plan to double the income in three years,” she said.
She informed that she has been selling 55 to 60 liters of milk a day at a rate of Rs. 110 per litre in Damauli.
Debu said that the youth should not go abroad as they had to do risky jobs and should start business in the country after returning from abroad.
If the government gives subsidy to real farmers, the agricultural occupation will be respected, she said.
“Some people do business only to get the government grant and leave after receiving the grant. If there is a provision that the person who abandons the business has to return the grant, such abuse can be stopped,” she said.
She said that the farmers were facing problems due to the increase in the price of buffaloes.
“We have to order buffaloes from India due to lack of buffaloes even in the Teari. Price of a buffalo, which was Rs. 120,000 last year, has gone up to Rs. 150,000 this year,” said Debu.