Darma Residents Get Jobs Thanks To Development Projects

The residents of Salyan who previously had to go abroad for work have now found jobs in their own localities.
Thanks to the Prime Minister Employment Programme (PMEP) and the Chief Minister Employment Programme (CMEP), the people have been able to gain employment in various developments projects being implemented at the local level. Dhan Bahadur KC of Darma Rural Municipality–3 said that locals were happy to be contributing to their area’s development while earning money.
“We no longer have to go to India in search of jobs. We are now employed in projects in our own villages,” he said.
The federal, provincial and local governments have been carrying out infrastructure projects like construction of road, buildings and foot trails as well as structures for irrigation and drinking water in Darma, much to the happiness of the locals. Bharat Devkota of Pharulachaur, Darma–3, said the three governments’ endeavours had enabled the citizens to earn without leaving their homes.
A significant number of women have also been participating in these projects. They also get the same wage as men, said Balika KC, a resident of Budhafalaki. To effectively implement the two employment programmes, the local government has prepared a list of 4,551 unemployed people living in its area.
Chairman of Darma Rural Municipality Nim Bahadur KC said that wages were deposited in the people’s bank accounts.
KC informed that Rs. 47.1 million from the PMEP, Rs. 26.9 million from the CMEP, Rs. 2.1 million from the ‘Youth for Change’ programme and Rs. 9 million from the rural municipality’s budget would be used to generate employment opportunities for the people in Darma.
Meanwhile, various schemes worth Rs. 400 million are in operation for physical infrastructure, agriculture and animal husbandry in Darma.