Date Expired Food Items Seized

Kankai Municipality in Jhapa district made frequent market observations and monitoring after they received a number of complaints from the locals that illegal trading of date expired edible goods thrived during the restriction period.

Deputy Mayor of the municipality Manju Prasain said they took that step after they received complaints about the shortage of essentials and illegal trade of date expired goods happening in the area.

The Prasain-led monitoring team made observations in all major market areas in Laxmipur, Durgapur, Ghailabubba, and Surunga on Wednesday and seized date expired edible goods like wheat flour, edible oil, biscuits, cold drinks, pickle bottles, and lentils found during the inspection.

“All those seized unhealthy products were destroyed the same day in the presence of police and journalists,” she said.Mohan Prasad Neupane, Chief Executive Officer of the municipality and a member of the monitoring team, said that the traders who tried to cheat customers at the time of the coronavirus pandemic were warned not to repeat it again.

“While some did it unknowingly, others were found doing it intentionally. We have warned them that should they repeat it, next action would be severe,” he added. According to him, the traders signed in the commitment paper promising not to repeat the fraudulent practice.

What’s more, the team also asked the traders to keep catalogs, display price lists of all their products, and keep all other required papers so that customers can benefit from them.

Bibek Bhandari, Administrative Officer of the municipality, confirmed that the confiscated goods were disposed of in a nearby Biring bank.

The municipality has allowed grocery and other shops selling essentials to open for 3 hours, from 6 am to 9 am, complying with all health safety protocols.

Source : TRN, Photo : TRN,