Delay In Ratification Impacts Millions Of Nepali Households: MCC Headquarters

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) has raised concerns over the delay in ratification of the compact by the parliament of Nepal stating that the delay could impact millions Nepali households.
Issuing a press statement on Sunday, the Headquarters of the United States MCC said, “Today’s recess of Nepal’s Parliament without ratification further delays benefits to millions of Nepali households.”

“The delays to ratification jeopardise the critical and timely support this $500 million grant would provide access to reliable energy and safer roads to million Nepalis,” read the press statement, adding, “The decision whether to move forward with the compact now rests with Nepal.”
However, coalition leaders have expressed that they understand the steps they need to take to ratify the compact, which is required under Nepal’s laws, said the MCC.

Source : TRN,