Delegate more services to local level, says President

President Bidya Devi Bhandari has expressed the view that the local level government should be entrusted with the task of delivery of public services as much as possible. “In accordance with the spirit of the Constitution, it is desirable for more and more services to be provided at the local level,” she said.

In her address to the joint sitting of both Houses of the Federal Parliament earlier today, the President also suggested that the provincial and federal governments should instead concentrate on development and policy making. Led by the federal government, the provincial and local levels should make arrangements to ensure easy access to such services.

She also said that making immediate arrangements for ensuring easy stakeholder access to the systems of government agencies as well as for the safe use of such systems is vital. In addition to this, due attention should be paid to developing the required infrastructure and human resource for building and operating IT-based systems.

Furthermore, information technology should be used to establish linkages with government systems, so as to ensure the environment for citizens to get services at the local level.

The services should be provided in such a way that citizens can feel that the government is at their doorstep. Public service delivery should be streamlined to ensure good governance and create a sense of state among the common citizens, added the President. (RSS)