Demand For A Bridge Over Dugrikhola

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Locals of Kuyapani and Kushapani have been facing transportation problems due to lack of a bridge over theDugririver in Jaya Prithvi Municipality-3 of the district.

Mahesh Khadka, a local, complained that the representatives of all the three levels of government were appealed for construction but to no avail.

Even though it is close to the district headquarters Chainpur, there has been no bridge in the area for years.

Both the villages still do not have access to drinking water, electricity and roads. He said, “Locals are forced to drink water from the river. Even though poles have been set up for electricity, the lights have not been lit so far. ”

Deputy Chief JunaJagri said that the municipality has sent a letter to the provincial government and the central government. He said, “I have taken the initiative to work faster. The problem will be solved soon. ” Currently, about 25 families are in trouble due to lack of the bridge.

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