Demanding to halt B&C’s affiliation process and PM Oli’s resignation, Dr KC warns of fresh hunger strike

Dr Govinda KC has warned to start another fast-unto-death strike if the process to grant Kathmandu University’s (KU) affiliation to B&C Medical College in Jhapa is not immediately stopped.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the senior orthopedic surgeon said that the government had started an illegal process to provide affiliation to B&C.

“We demand an immediate end to the illegal process by the government as well as the resignation of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and other officials involved in the irregularities. If the demands are not met, a hunger strike could begin any time,” the statement reads.

Last week, Education Minister Krishna Gopal Shrestha signed a 10-point agreement between Kathmandu University and Dharan-based BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) to provide B&C with KU affiliation.

The agreement stipulates that KU will provide its affiliation to B&C after BPKIHS monitors and sees fit the regulation aspects of the medical college.

Earlier, the Kathmandu University Assembly had decided to give affiliation to B&C under the direct direction of Prime Minister Oli and Education Minister Shrestha despite the move being against the Medical Education Act.

Dr KC, in his statement, has stated that Prime Minister Oli was working to legalize corrupt interests of the private sector by investing his and his near ones’ black money, to occupy the state, and to abuse state institutions.

“He is also the chief patron of the medical mafia, which is commercializing medical education by investing their criminal earnings,” the statement said.

“Oli, Education Minister Shrestha, Vice-chancellors of BPKIHS and KU along with immoral and selfish government officials political influence are working together to provide illegal affiliation to a private college that is run by their supporter,” the statement reads.

Durga Prasain, executive director of Jhapa-based B&C Medical College Teaching Hospital and Research Center Pvt Ltd, is a controversial businessman who first came to public eye in 2016 when he said that female Nepali students in Bangladesh were sleeping with their professors to get medical degrees.

Dr KC said that under the direction of Prime Minister Oli and Education Minister Shrestha, the Medical Education Act and regulations were being violated to forcefully grant an affiliation to Prasain’s B&C medical college.

He reiterated that he would be compelled to come up with protest programs as the government was constantly promoting such illegal activities.

He added that the government had failed to focus on building at least one government medical college in every state as per an agreement signed between him and the government.

According to the provisions of the Medical Education Act, a government medical college should be established in every province by the year 2080.

Dr KC said that Prime Minister Oli had stopped establishing government medical colleges at the behest of private medical colleges.

“The country must be freed from KP Sharma Oli and his corrupt and criminal network. There is no alternative to dismissing him and bringing him to justice,” the statement said.

He further added that the Prime Minister was involved in unauthorized dissolution of the House of Representatives, conspiracy against the constitutional system of the country, obstruction of the parliament, attempts to dissolve the constitution, disruption of the constitution, hypocrisy of foreign intelligence agencies and abuse of the presidency and judiciary.