Democracy turns fruitful when connected to people’s lives-Prime Minster

Prime Minster and CPN (UML chairperson KP Sharma Oli has said democracy would be meaningful when it was connected to the lives of the people and people were assured of their prosperous life.
Issuing a press release on the 28th memorial day of leader duo, Madan Kumar Bhandari and Jeevaraj Ashrit, today, CPN (UML) Chairperson Oli pledged to protect, implement and develop the ‘People’s Multiparty Democracy’ put forth by popular leader Bhandari.
Making his commitment for continued activism for the strengthening of nationality and safeguarding of national interests, he said he would work to make the party unified, pro-people, dynamic, and disciplined and a leading force of the country.
Though they had put honest efforts to make the communist movement a catalyst for economic-social transformation and socialism, the campaign of merger with CNP (Maoist Centre) was not materialized due to divisive, instable and opportunist thinking and activities of some leaders, Oli noted.
He vowed to put on efforts to continue the campaign for integrating the movement by redefining the unification process in a new forms.
Also on the occasion, CPN (UML) general secretary and Deputy Prime Minister Iswar Pokharel recalled the late Bhandari as a successful leaders to bring the leftist and democratic movement of Nepal to a new height. It was the Bhandari who made the interpretation of multiparty democracy and put froth the assumptions of democratization of party, society and state, Pokharel added.
On the Memorial Day today, CPn (UML) has set a programme to offer tribute to the leader duo at its old central office building at Madannagar. Leader Bhandari and Ashrit had lost their lives in a jeep accident at Dasdhunga some 28 years ago.

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