Dengue Epidemic Coming Under Control

  • September 27, 2019

Dengue which has widely spread its influence across the district is gradually coming under control.

According to Health Office In-charge Deepak Tiwari, dengue infection which was rapidly widespread during the second and third weeks of September is coming under the rein.

The September third week had seen the highest number of 1,325 dengue infected patients followed by 692 in the second week of September, 412 in the first week of September and 273 on August last week.

It may be noted only eight people were found infected in the first week of Nepali month Shrawan (July 17-23), Tiwari informed.

“The number however has decreased to 300 in the first week of Asoj (18-24 September)”, he further shared, adding the infection rate is declining and the disease is coming under control.

Vector Controller of the Office, Ram KC, shared that 3,409 among 10,561 people examined in the hospitals in Chitwan since mid-July were found positive for dengue.

With the number going down, there is no worrying situation now, he added. (RSS)