Dengue kills two people, one in Chitwan, other in Doti

  • August 25, 2019

Two people have died in Nepal after suffering from dengue – the disease, a mosquito-borne viral disease has rapidly been on the rise in Nepal. After gripping eastern Nepal for most of the monsoons, an unprecedented rise is being seen nationwide. Kathmandu alone has witnessed 59 incidents of dengue in the past month.

The deceased were from Doti District and Chitwan district reportedly. The deceased in Chitwan is a 71 year old man. His identity is being withheld. The man was admitted to Bharatpur Community Hospital on August 14 after complaining of fever. Later the hospital referred him to the medical college.

In another incident, a woman from Doti has died of dengue. She was hospitalised in Maya Metro Hospital, Dhangadhi, and her infection has doctors baffled.

In a rare case, a woman from the hilly district of Doti died of dengue after being hospitalised in Maya Metro Hospital, Dhangadhi. She has been identified as Chatra Milaski and had never been out of Doti. Doti is a hilly district, and Milaksi is the first person to contract the disease from the district.