Detailed Study Of MCC, Hind-Prashant Strategy Will Be Done: FM Khadka

Newly appointed Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Narayan Khadka has said that a balanced foreign relation would be maintained with all countries across the globe including China and India by keeping the nation’s welfare at the focus.

Talking to the media after assuming office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, Dr. Khadka said that he would strive to maintain good relations with all nations.

“We will move forward in consultation with all political parties to promote the welfare and interest of Nepal. Similarly, the foreign policy will be implemented on the basis of the agreement of all parties,” he added.  

Stating that it was necessary to maintain an easy, friendly, and good foreign in the current scenario, minister Dr. Khadka said, “Currently, South Asia is in the eyes of the international community. Thus, we will do all that takes to make the MoFA mobile, modern, and tech-friendly.”

He clarified that no agreement affecting the nation’s welfare would be signed and a detailed study of China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, United States ‘Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)’, and Hind-Prashant strategies would be done in the days to come.

Dr. Khadka informed that he would be flying to New York to participate in the 76th UN General Assembly today evening along with Nepali representatives. “I will hold bilateral discussions with the counterparts of various nations there,” he said.

Similarly, informing that he would hold a meeting with the foreign ministers of SAARC, Dr. Khadka said, “Meetings and discussions like these would help in promoting and expanding nation’s welfare and diplomatic relations.”

Source : TRN,