Deuba For Sincere Unity Among Political Forces

Nepali Congress president Sher Bahadur Deuba has underlined the need of sincere unity among all political parties to implement and safeguard the Constitution. Deuba in his new year-2078 message issued on Tuesday said the present political achievements were the outcomes of the sacrifices of seven decades.
He wished the 2078 Nepali New Year would be inspiring for us to build equitable and prosperous Nepal based on democratic system.
Deuba said the world would get victory over COVID-19 in 2078.
The NC chief urged people to use mask and sanitizer, maintain physical distance and not to organise tea reception and feasts while marking the New Year. Recalling the year 2077, he said that the world was invaded by killer COVID-19 and many Nepalis living in home and aboard faced difficulties, many of them even died of the virus.
He further said that people’s daily life, industries and trade, schools and other areas were affected by COVID-19. Stating that the NC cooperated with the government to tackle the challenges as a responsible opposition party, Deuba said but the government failed to prevent and control COVID-19. He also wished all Nepali brothers and sisters residing in and outside the country for their happiness, peace, prosperity and progress on the occasion of New Year.