Devidanda Tourist Park Construction In Full Swing

The construction work of Devidanda Park in Tanahun district’s Byas Municipality-10 is in full swing, despite the lockdown imposed by the government amid rising cases of COVID-19 in the country.

The municipality has stated that the park is being constructed through the Prime Minister’s Employment Programme (PMEP).

Mayor of the municipality Baikuntha Neupane informed that those who were listed in the employment management information system had been provided with employment opportunities.

“The work is being carried complying with all health safety protocols such as social distancing and use of face mask and sanitiser so that the workers are protected from the virus,” said Mayor Neupane.

The municipality has stated that the construction work has been expedited with the target of completing it this fiscal year.Ward Chairman Tulsiram Sapkota informed that the park was being constructed to promote tourism as Devidanda was a suitable place for sightseeing.

Sujita Thapa, Byas Municipality employment coordinator, informed that Rs. 300,000 has been allocated for the construction and 15 workers from the PMEP have been mobilised.According to Thapa, 487 people have been employed in the current fiscal year in the municipality under the programme.

“The programme aims at employing the unemployed for a minimum of 100 days,” she said. They have been mobilised for building drinking water facilities, buildings, footpaths, road maintenance and rural roads in different villages.

For the programme, Byas Municipality had received Rs. 51.52 million at the beginning of the current fiscal year, Rs. 19.65 million in the second phase and Rs. 1.76 million in the third phase, Thapa said. According to the municipality, the workers are getting a daily wage of Rs. 517.