Dhangadhi Bomb blast: Chand party cadre dead, four injured

  • July 19, 2019

A quiet evening in Dhangadhi district turned into a horrific episode after a bomb went off outside a tea-shop. While investigations are ongoing, police have said, the bomb could have gone off ‘by mistake’, probably due to a malfunction.

Around 6:45 p.m., yesterday evening, a Mr. Ram Singh of Bajhang district appeared before Neelam Hotel in Kailali district. There were four people within the premises –  Keshab Raj Pandey, the owner of the hotel, Laxman Serala, Mobin Khan and Jitendra Yadav – patrons at the hotel (restaurant), when all of a sudden a ‘loud explosion’ was heard.

Police after a preliminary investigation have confirmed Mr. Singh is a Chand led party’s cadre and was carrying the bomb. However, his own then injury, now death added a new mystery – therefore enabling the police to ascertain the bomb could have gone off  ‘unknowingly’.

All five injured were rushed to Maya Metro Hospital – Singh passed away owing to his injuries, and Pandey (owner of the hotel) is said to be ‘battling for his life’.

The explosion took place at around 6:45 pm. A Chinese pistol was also recovered from the incident site, and further investigations were ongoing.

Chand led Biplab cadres have been intensifying their protests since the past few months – earlier the government had branded the organisation and its activities illegal after a Chand party led planted bomb claimed the life of a civilian in Kathmandu. The Netra Bikram Chand led Communist Party of Nepal is a splinter organisation of the current ruling party.